8BottlesAday batch calendar
& reservation form

Using the calendar:

The calendar will show when new batches of Kombucha are available, how many batches will be available, and if the batches have sold or reserved.

Darkened calendar squares indicate available batch dates. Hover over, or click for more details.

Reserved batches are generally available for pickup on the weekend.

If there is a specific date in the future you would like to have batches available, please use the form to request / order. 

To reserve
a batch of Kombucha,
please use the
form on
the right.

Reservations require payment of bottle deposit. Those who order without making the deposit will be subject to losing their oder to someone who does.

This page will continue to be updated and improved with information as we grow. check back often for updates.

Thanks for your support and giving,


Your Name *
Your Name
Please select how many bottles you'd like reserve. Minimum batch order is 6 bottles.
100nt flavors = Original , Simple Raspberry, Simple Blueberry 150nt flavors = Ginger Berry, Ginger Lime
Date of batch you are reserving: *
Date of batch you are reserving:
The calendar lists batch availability dates. Please say which date / batch you are reserving.
A bottle deposit is charged to reserve batches. 600nt for 6 bottles / 800nt for 8 bottles. Please make deposits using the below account information. Only after funds have been received will batch be reserved.
Has bottle deposit been payed?
Your batch will not be reserved until the deposit has been payed