Are award ceremonies for mediocre people with extra time? / by Chris W. Hubbard

This morning I was browsing stories on my Linkedin and came across the article you see below. However, before I could make it to the actual article my eyes caught sight of the comment you can see below. "Award ceremonies are for mediocre people with extra time." 

I thought about this for more then a few moments, but it didn't take long for me to disagree.

I have fond memories of working for ARS Advertising and looking forward to the yearly design award ceremony we attended. There was of course this feeling that we were getting together to pat ourselves on the back. Few who submitted work left completely empty handed. But who cares? It feels great to be recognized for your hard work, especially by your peers, and the chance to get together and celebrate creativity and hard work within your industry is..... a lot of fun.

For most of us working in advertising, design, branding, or any of the related creative fields, work can start to drag you down after a while. Few are lucky enough to receive amazing brief after amazing brief with every step of the way littered with boundless creative possibilities. Some years can feel filled with doughnuts, with no diamonds in site. So it's worthwhile to take a break, look back at the work that was done, and recognize those things that were done which truly are great, and worthy of praise, even it's just with each other.

Real creatives are real people. And real people like to be appreciated for what they've been hard work into. Real people need a time out. Real people love a good a party with friends.