Telling people what to think / by Chris W. Hubbard

I recently went on a date with a girl that I met online. When I saw her in person, I wasn’t particularly attracted to her. But something interesting happened during the course of our date. In the middle of conversation she flat-out stated that she was in fact “a very attractive young woman.” I can’t for the life of me recall how or why she injected this statement into our conversation, but I do remember what happened after she said it. 

I immediately saw her as a substantially more attractive woman. Not just in terms of personal qualities, but in terms of actual physical appearance as well. It was like magic. I kept asking myself if she had been attractive the whole time and I just hadn’t been paying attention, or if she had actually influenced my perception through the incredible power of a single sentence? I think it’s clear that her statement did in fact influence my perception. And I found this incredibly interesting and impressive; and attractive as well.

We all know that how we present ourselves to others can have a huge impact on their idea of us. However, what we tend to forget is just how easy it can be to simply tell another person exactly what think of us. Brands do this all the time. They say things like “Our food is delicious” or “we’re always coming out with amazing new products.” And a lot of the time, it works. it’s interesting that this same technique can be used in our personal lives to influence the way others see us.

I’ll be trying this out with people in future to see how it works. Hi, my name is Chris. I’m an incredibly good writer.