Wearing the work uniform / by Chris W. Hubbard

About 3 months ago I came across an article discussing why wearing the same thing to work everyday, or in other words, wearing a "uniform" might be a good idea.

One of the main reasons the article suggest doing this is to save time; ending agony over something that shouldn't take up so much of ones energy.

I could relate. I can't count the times I've woken up in the morning only to find myself staring like a zombie into my closet, trying in vain to figure out what to put onto my body. Of course there are days where this isn't a problem; the outfit is easy to choose because it's the one I want to wear anyways. The difficult days, I realized were what I'd call "filler days." Just filling the day with something else to wear, till a reasonable enough time had past to allow me to wear my favorite outfit again. To make a long story short, I took the advice of the article and started wearing the same thing to work everyday. You can see my chosen "uniform" in the photo below.

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You might be wondering how I came to choose this outfit. I simply chose something I felt did the best job representing both myself, as a friendly more casual type of person, as well as the company I work for which is a design driven brand agency. 

At the time, I'd also been working on a short exercise designed to help young businesses explore brand personality. We had planned to use the exercise at one of our new Greativities events, so I did the exercise myself a few times, and used it as a sort of benchmark for my outfit decision. You can see this below and decide for yourself it it matches my outfit or not. 

I've been wearing this outfit everyday for almost 3 months now, with very few people taking note until recently. And I have to say, the article was right; it's super refreshing waking up and simply putting on the perfect outfit everyday, without wasting time overcomplicating it. It's also surprising how few people even notice, or care. 

I'm going to continue doing this, however, I was also struck with the interesting question of "how long should one wear the same outfit?" I decided that one way to break up the monotony a bit, would be to wear one outfit for each quarter of the year; changing outfits with the seasons. Since I'm coming up on the 4th quarter of the year I'll be changing my outfit. We'll see if anyone takes note.