2 Paragraphs on: Tesla Model 3 / by Chris W. Hubbard

The Tesla Model 3 is here, and by the numbers, it looks like it's already a big hit. I was happy to see Elon Musk–in the launch video–pointing out that the car isn't just a fancy automotive alternative; it's a replacement. Everyone's had just about enough carbon monoxide poisoning–code named smog–to last us the rest of our short lives, and I feel confident that all of it's about to change.

Back in 2009 Tesla was barely on the map, and now hundreds of thousands of people are signing up to purchase a car that hasn't even been built yet–amazing. What we're seeing is the launch of a sea-change that is about to take place before our very eyes, and I feel it might happen faster than most of us can even imagine. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that in the next 5 years the death of the gasoline vehicle will be on the horizon. That might sound unfathomable to some, but 5 years previously, so did the idea that close to 300,000 people would be reserving a Tesla. Shit, 5 years ago I also wouldn't have predicted I'd be driving around on a Gogoro.

Welcome to the electric vehicle revolution. It's about time.