2 Paragraphs On: Moving / by Chris W. Hubbard


This week, we at DDG moved into our brand new, yet not-quite-finished offices near Bo'ai rd in Taipei. The bathrooms don't have water, the tables don't have tops, but we're here and excited about the new location. Less than a few months ago I personally moved from the Songshan area to a new apartment near Guting station as well. It's closer to friends and work and has a patio area that can actually accommodate more than two people; unlike my previous place. 

There's something really wonderful about moving. It's a brand new beginning. A chance to start over and make some changes in both your environment and your life. It allows you to clear out clutter and reassess those things you may or may not need. It allows you to enrich the lives of others by passing on those unneeded items to friends or strangers who can put them to better use. It forces you to shift your perspective a bit by changing environments, interactions, and daily expectations. Moving gets you moving in a way unlike any other experience in life. it's exciting to be experiencing moves both at work and home this year.