2 Paragraphs On - Enjoyment Matters / by Chris W. Hubbard

When I first arrived in Taipei, I did a small amount of work for Worldshare, a small creative agency who's Clients BenQ and AUO were my first experience working with Taiwan brands. At the time, BenQ's slogan, "Enjoyment Matters" struck me as ridiculous—this bizarre video helps illustrate that feeling. It doesn't seem to pack any punch, or deliver any insight. It just feels like a statement of the obvious, which might be why it is in fact, such a good slogan after all. 

After writing the article on The life-changing magic of branding, I've come to realize how much enjoyment actually does matter. Of course, we should choose to do those things and interact with those products that honestly bring us a sense of enjoyment. But even the process is important. My boss, Mark Stocker, once reminded me—during a particularly frustrating project—to "enjoy the process." It's good advice, because enjoyment does matter, even where it seems to be completely absent. So many times I find myself simply going through the motions of an activity, interaction, task, or day, without really enjoying the minutiae of the moments. Enjoyment matters, it just sometimes takes a while to realize it.