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The ghosh yoga cure

gentle, therapeutic yoga treatment programs that help heal, repair, and restore health to those suffering from limited mobility, or chronic pain and illness.


Yoga Treatment

Ghosh prescriptive programs can help heal and improve many health issues associated with pain,  and problems including:

Arthritis — Back Pain
— Insomnia
IBS — Depression
& More


Yoga Preparation

Ghosh yoga can help you gently and effectively prepare the body for more rigorous forms of yoga including:

Hatha — Vinyasa
Ashtanga — Power
Hot — Flow

& More

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Ghosh yoga practice with Muktamala Mitra

What is Ghosh Yoga?

Ghosh Yoga was developed in India by Bishnu Charan Ghosh with the intention of being accessible to everyone, not just youths or athletes. His system efficiently heals the body and quiets the mind.


Who is Bishnu Ghosh?

Bishnu Charan Ghosh was born in India in 1903. He was the younger brother and student of world renowned yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, author
of Autobiography of a Yogi. 


About Me

I studied prescriptive yoga at Ghosh's Yoga College in Kolkata, India. Under the instruction of Muktamala Mitra—granddaughter of Bishnu Charan Ghosh who founded the Ghosh College of Physical Education in 1923—I learned to evaluate and prescribe therapy programs using traditional methodology as taught by both her father and grandfather.

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Disclaimer: Ghosh Yoga Cure, Chris W. Hubbard, and/or teachers involved are not medical professionals. The decision to perform any exercise remains the individual’s and Ghosh Yoga Cure cannot accept responsibility for any problems that occur as a result of an individuals practice during, or outside of a Ghosh Yoga Cure consultation. If you are in any doubt or unable to clearly identify your current medical condition, please consult a medical professional before seeking our advice.