2 paragraphs on - Infinite Content / by Chris Hubbard

There's a song on the new Arcade Fire album called "Infinite_Content." Without even listening to the song I felt I understood the expression. What used to be the "information age" seems to have transmorphed into an age where even the most obscure bits of "information" has been written about and argued about in an infinite number of ways. The most popular topics are written about and posted so frequently that they need a never ending stream of variations applied just to help them remain relevant; which article should I click on? 10, 20, 30, or 75 ways to make life more awesome?

There's way too much content out there now. Most of it is garbage, a lot of it is marketing nonsense, some of it is marketing but at least entertaining, but very little of it is thought provoking or educating in any truly valuable way. I feel there needs to be a shift from content to something more like conversation, perhaps. Maybe this is already happening. A book like Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss may be a good example. We want comparisons and multiple points of view from people we feel might be authentic and knowledgeable, not self-aggrandizing marketing pitches masked as content. Our new world of infinite content has taught us that the internet is filled with fake guru's and carbon copy marketers all hellbent on tricking us into something. Only authenticity and a move away from trying to be the loudest one on the corner will save us.