Handcrafted Kombucha fermented tea.
A probiotic health beverage that improves digestion, increases energy, and strengthens the heart.

Make Yogucha part
of your healthy diet today.

I started making Kombucha at home in Taipei a few years ago, and immediately felt the benefits of adding this tea based beverage to my diet. There many ways to make Kombucha, and it can be hard to get it just right, but over the years I've landed on a few recipes that produce a Kombucha just how I like it—rich and zesty with plenty of fizz.

Drinking Kombucha is not only great for the body, it taste great too.

Why drink Yogucha Kombucha?

Besides making you feel good by supporting a local maker,
drinking Kombucha has some great health benefits:

  1. It promotes disease prevention.
  2. It supports a healthy gut.
  3. It may improve mental health.
  4. Helps protect the lungs.
  5. It's antibacterial.
  6. It helps manage diabetes.  
  7. It's beneficial for the cardiovascular system.
  8. It's energizing.

If you are looking to relieve abdominal, intestinal
or stomach pain, I would recommend considering
a Ghosh therapeutic program as well.

How do I make Yogucha Kombucha?

I use a combination of premium Taiwan Oolong teas and Black teas, and one very special tea that I keep as my secret ingredient. Only purified water and natural cane sugar are used.

I generally double brew all my kombucha to naturally carbonate it, as I like this style the best. If you prefer non-carbonated Kombucha just let me know and I won't double ferment it.

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Fresh ginger can be added
to any of the above flavors

Flavor request is only available
for custom batch orders.

All First time orders pay a non-refundable bottle deposit of 100nt per bottle. This fee will not be charged again and helps save waste, and re-use of bottles.



17oz bottle - $60nt

No custom request - pick up only.

34oz LArge bottle - $100nt

No custom request - pick up only.

$800nt per batch

8 bottles, custom flavor - preorder only -
use form below - delivery available
on request.

Scoby - 500nt

Already know how to make your own kombucha and just need a scoby? I can ship a quality Yogucha Scoby to anywhere in the world.

Kombucha lesson + scoby $1500nt

Learn to make kombucha for yourself. Learn the steps you need to take to create homemade kombucha. I'll provide you with everything you need including a scoby.

How it works:

1 - Add me on Line using the QR code or link below and send me a message. Simple.


How it works ( for batches):

1 - Place an order for Kombucha using the form below.
In the form, you will see a few options for flavor and brew time.

2 - Send your order.
After I receive your order, I will send you payment and pick-up details.

3 - Come get your Kombucha!
When your Kombucha is ready, I will notify you to come retrieve it. Delivery is also available.

Get your Kombucha started!
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All the flavors are created using only 100% all natural, organic fruit juices.
Add fresh ginger?
I can add fresh ginger to any flavor, which to be honest, makes the kombucha pretty darn amazing. But it's quite a bit more work for me, since I go buy the fresh ginger, skin it, grate it and blend it. Because of this, I need to charge a bit extra.
The longer I brew your Kombucha the "stronger" it gets. Stronger Kombucha will be more vinegary, less sweet tasting. The shortest brew time—2 weeks—is likely to be more mild, and sweeter. However, the warmer it gets, the faster it brews, so every batch comes out unique.
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Looks pretty amazing right?

It is.