Why Ghosh Yoga Cure is unique,
and what it can do for you.

Ghosh Yoga Cure therapeutic prescriptions are created specifically to address individual needs—back pain, headache, arthritis, and depression are some common examples. Prescriptions are practiced during one-on-one sessions with the aid of a teacher who can observe, instruct and modify the prescription if needed. They can optionally be practiced with the aid of a custom video guide. 

Unlike a typical yoga class, Ghosh Yoga Cure prescriptions are unique to each individual. Ghosh Yoga Cure avoids prescribing poses or exercises that could be overly strenuous or aggravating to existing limitations connected to age, disease, or lack of physical fitness. 

Ghosh Yoga Cure will never prescribe postures or exercises that require the hands-on support of a teacher. This ensures prescriptions can safely be practiced without the aid of a teacher as well.

Get started with Ghosh Yoga Cure


step 1

Send a message

This will simply let me know you are interested in exploring what Ghosh Yoga Cure could do for you. You can do that using the form on the main page. 

step 2

Do a consultation

If you decide to explore a Ghosh Yoga Cure program, you will need to complete a consultation form that clearly identifies what it is you are seeking treatment for, and any medical conditions you may be suffering from. This will work as a guide for creating a prescription that not only targets your needs, but fits with your current health condition as well.

step 3

Receive a prescription

Using your consultation, a Ghosh Yoga Cure prescription will be created for you. This will be a custom therapeutic program designed to target your specific needs. The prescription will take into account your current condition, age, level of physical fitness and our initial consultation. 

A one-on-one session will be scheduled to introduce the prescription and exercises.
This will be a guided practice and is intended to be continued on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the program you choose.